Practice Areas

Practice Areas




For any given project, MSL conducts detailed and objective real estate land use economic analyses and development feasibility that conforms with the highest industry standard. MSL also provide professional consulting services, including strategic reviews and recommendations on project and land-use related economic evaluations for public and private clients. We focus on projects that provide positive community impacts and increase affordability for local residents.

We have extensive experience in real estate economics, working with cities, counties, state agencies, public officials, and private property owners to provide strategic analyses, project and land-use economic evaluations, development and financial feasibility and market risk assessments. Our past work had been published and adopted by governmental agencies and private sectors, including but not limited to statewide affordable housing policies, market analysis, General Plan updates, Specific Plans, City and County-wide Fiscal and Tax Impact Analysis, Land Supply Evaluation, Housing Elements, Affordable Housing Evaluations, Economic Impact Analysis, and long-term economic development policies.

Pre-Entitlement Assessment Professional Services

A given project is affected by a number of factors; capital, financial, political, economic, community, economic impact, environmental, and design.  Through our streamlined and integrated pre-entitlement assessment, MSL provides concise, rigorous and comprehensive professional evaluation on any city-owned or privately owned parcel or project within any stage of a market cycle to determine it’s financial and economic viability.  We are experienced and proficient in analyzing the complexity inherent in any land use planning or project development.

Our professional analyses involves a more integrated process than standard project evaluation, and includes an array of pre-entitlement economic, finance, development feasibility, and impact reviews.  MSL presents these complex evaluations in a summarized, straight-forward manner to provide our clients the information necessary to easily make acquisition or entitlement decisions.

We work closely with our own highly cultivated network of community partners, friends, and public agencies to identify site feasibility. For specific site and project conditions, we integrate an extensive network of specialized partners in CEQA and geotechnical firms, engineers, contractors, lobbyists, and members of other specializations to ensure the most rigorous economic and feasibility evaluation to the highest industry and institutional standard.

Site Development and Planning Professional Services

MSL provides Site Development and Evaluation Professional Services provides comprehensive and detailed evaluation of a given project’s site condition, including specific land use, zoning, parcel condition, physical characteristics, development feasibility, preliminary site planning requirement, and preliminary layout.

Our team include experienced architectural designers and we work closely with our own licensed architects to provide a more integrated and comprehensive site evaluation based on findings from the existing site condition and any pre-entitlement assessments.

Real Estate Economic Advisory Services

Real Estate Economic, Financial and Market Analysis

  • Demographic Evaluation
  • Market Analysis
  • Project Feasibility
  • Land Use Planning
  • Financial Pro Forma
  • Impact Fee Analysis
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Housing and Affordable Housing Feasibility

Community Impact Analysis

  • Fiscal Impact Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Tax Impact Analysis
  • Labor Force Analysis
  • Affordable Housing Analysis

Investment and Financial Analysis

  • Alternative Financing
  • Equity Participation
  • Ground Lease and Development
  • Alternative Disposition and Ownership Position
  • Negotiation and Valuation




Our project management services assist clients throughout one or all phases of development, providing the necessary expertise as well as ad-hoc support on all major processes. Our expertise includes site evaluation and planning, acquisition, entitlements, permitting, scheduling, budgeting, cost control, consultant and contractor selection, project oversight, and design and project management.


Permits and Entitlement

  • Project Development Feasibility
  • Project Pro Forma Analysis
  • Highest and Best Use Analysis
  • Permit and Plan Check Review and Submittal
  • Impact Fees Review
  • Public Agency Coordination
  • Land Use and Phasing Evaluation
  • Pro Forma Analysis or Review

Other Project Management Services

  • Public Funding and Financing
  • Affordable Housing Financing
  • Alternative Financing, EB-5
  • Institution and Private Equity Investment
  • New Market Tax Credits (NMTC), Tax Credit


Planning and Development

  • Project and Team Management
  • Planning, Architecture, Interior Design Planning and Review
  • LEED/Sustainability Analysis
  • Consultants and Construction Bid Solicitation
  • Project Timeline, Phasing, Construction Administration



MSL’s development projects focus on investing in innovative project solutions to address regional affordability issues and provide the highest community impacts.  Our mission is to build and preserve communities for all, and our development projects are guided by a deep commitment to social, economic, and financial responsibility.

Our team is committed to address the regional housing needs by expanding the range of housing options available for individuals and families, to supplement traditional large scale affordable and workforce housing products, for the increasingly diverse communities.

We aim to convene partnerships to address the regional housing challenges by preserving and building housing and communities.  We embraces an integrated  approach to project development – following a project from conception through completion, while integrating the project within the context of the community.  We have successfully worked in emerging communities, large-scale green fields, low-income and urban neighborhoods.  We value the input from our community stakeholders, and we work closely with our public and public partners, to ensure the success of all phases of a given development projects.

Development & Affordability

  • Housing
  • Mixed-Income Housing
  • Mixed-Use Properties
  • Homeless and Low-Income Housing


  • Low-cost prototypes
  • Efficient and modular construction
  • New Housing Typologies